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As we continue to educate ourselves as best as we can, we hope to write it all down. We'll be including lots of articles, videos, podcasts, books and music recommendations along the way.

If you have anything constructive to add...We encourage you to share. We want this to be a constantly growing site that people can loop back to because we know a lot of us are overwhelmed to find out the amount that we don't know.

2022 Update:

While this page used to get updated almost daily, a part time job and full time student schedule has proven to make it nearly impossible to update this site as often as it once was. With that being said, the resources this site provides are still comprehensive and extensive. If you feel like something is missing, feel free to reach out! While our new content has become infrequent we're still here to talk or answer questions! 

Happy Learning :)

This is first and foremost an educational tool. We're hoping to contextualize the news as best as we can. We're trying our hardest to collect news from all outlets regardless of party affiliation. You may find political undertones in some pages but that is inadvertent and unavoidable. But, the teaching of black history or micro-agressions isn't meant to be a left or right issue. Again, the main goal of this site is to teach and contextualize. We're learning new things all day, everyday. These are simply the resources we use to do so. You can then go apply this new knowledge in your own activism or simply when watching the news.
Original Post by Jim Golden

Why A Straight Cis White Woman Felt The Need

To Make a Website About Race

I don't want this website to come off as saviorism or stealing the mic away from those who actually know the experience of racism. But I've seen time and time again that black people are tired of explaining to their white friends why racism is bad. Endless resources make it easy for white people to educate themselves, so I wanted to make a source just for that. And don't think this is me making a website and getting all preachy. Like I said, I don't even know what I don't know, and I'm learning everyday. I just want to be able to make the things I learn and resources I use available for everyone so we can all try to learn together. We've got a lot to cover and it's all important. 


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